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Brazilian Style Futsal

Skilsinho Futsal Academy Program is a long-term approach that aims to build a foundation for young talented players to develop soccer skills, have fun and support them on the preparation for their athletic future. Our program is focused on identifying the different levels of skills each young player brings to the academy and work with them on improving these skills with the “Brazilian touch” so they can thrive in upper levels of soccer. 



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Foundational is going to be the basis of each training with periodic progress assessment. After that, advanced skills and techniques will be introduced to challenge the players to build their confidence. Using provided key actions in training is an important building block to make players smarter and stronger.

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Customized trainings that bring the expertise of a professional soccer player to the court. Focusing the training of some common and adverse scenarios in Futsal, to practice and reinforce some creative plays to promote a differentiated Futsal match.

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Continuous Improvement 

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Trainings at Skilsinho Academy are uniquely designed without a fixed set of daily, weekly, or monthly activities. The trainings are designed to give all players the best experience that they can have in the academy. The commitment of each individual player will determine his/her growth and development. We believe that practice, repetition, and resilience are key elements to achieve excellence in any area of life, including a profession in sports.

We will start with the basic skills in soccer, from controlling the ball to passing it accurately, training important moves and learning how players position themselves on the court to achieve ultimate results. Along the way we will evaluate the players performance and prepare them to understand and assess the dynamics of Futsal. Foundation is essential to build the players’ confidence, and to take them to the next level of advanced skills and techniques. Independent of the level of skills, building from the basics is one of the most important steps to succeed in Futsal.

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